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Get to Know Us

A start-up company in the manufacturing sector with the mission to use additive manufacturing methods to make more products readily available on the local and international markets at competitive prices.

Our Mission

We aspire to develop a company that can manufacture products according to the customers' needs at a competitive price. The only limit to our potential is our imagination whilst designing the product. 

The team's target is to assist in the development of products for companies in the manufacturing sector, as well as the educational sector.

Core Values


Products are designed using new methods and unique features.


Our mission is to reach customer demands without compromising the environment.


The services apply for the prototyping of unique products as well as contractual production for industries and educational sectors.

Our Team.

The ADMF team are modern thinkers and people based on being active rather than reactive. Our goal is to produce good quality products for a diverse customer market along with assisting industries with development and manufacturing of products.

Who We Are


Giuseppe Farrugia

I am a mechanical engineer graduate from the University of Malta, who has an interest in manufacturing products for daily or specific uses. 

I joined the manufacturing sector in 2019 as a process engineer, where my responsibilities were to improve the processes in terms of efficiency. During the past 4 years, I have participated in several lean production tool events.

Who We are: Part 2

Finance and Social Media 

Martina Zammit

I am a student with experience in the accounting sector where I worked as an Accounting Clerk.

Forming part of a business has always been a dream of mine, and I plan to ensure the smooth running of ADMF Printing. It is an opportunity in which I thrive to do what I love whilst learning more about the manufacturing industry.

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