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Creating 3D Designs from your imagination

Engineering & Manufacturing designs for your needs

Ability to print using multiple material types

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Develop your product from start to finish

What We Offer

As 3D manufacturing is becoming more accessible and part of our culture, we offer complete product development, from design to prototyping, to manufacturing the product for mass use.

Why Choose ADMF

Cutting Edge Technology

3D printing has significantly improved, and the technology can now reach accurate layer thicknesses as thin as 0.05 mm.

Bespoke Service

Customers have the opportunity to completely customise the designs to reach their requirements.

High Selection of Durable & Quality Materials

Selection of multiple high-quality materials to maintain toughness and durability.

Experienced Advisor Service

Our team has experience in the Engineering sector including product development.

The Possibilities Are Endless



  • Can I prototype my design using ADMF Printing services?
    ADMF Printing also offers 3D Printing only services for customers who would like to design their products themselves. A meeting will be setup for the initial product software checks prior to printing to ensure that printed product will reached the specifications necessary. Once this is completed, the product will be printed and sent to the customer using the selected collection method.
  • What is included in the student prototyping package?
    ADMF Printing recognises the need for students to design, build, and test products for their academic assignments. Therefore, the following items will be offered for this package: Virtual designing using Autodesk software to confirm the functional specifications are met Virtual testing using Ansys Workbench software to confirm the structural specifications are met 3D Printing the necessary prototypes The package offered is flexible and the prices charged accordingly.
  • Are there any bulk discounts or seasonal offers available?
    ADMF Printing can offer discounts on bulk purchases, but this can be done by contacting us via email. We also offer seasonal offers on selected products and offers during certain events that we are present at.
  • What are your collections options and costs?
    ADMF Printing offers the following collection options: Collection from ADMF (free of charge) Delivery to Customer (free for bulk purchases)
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